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Ship & Yacht Diesel
Free Diesel
Shipping Diesel

efodiasmos-skafonPAPPAS OIL has been a fuels provider for ships, speedboats, and yachts since 2006.

Our fleet consists of three privately owned tanker truck vehicles of 5.000 litres capacity each and one tanker vehicle of 20.00O litres capacity which can cater to any fuels need you may have upon agreed fuel type, quantity and delivery time.

We can supply all individual clients and professionals with high quality fuels (Free Diesel & Shipping Diesel).


Special Services


Special disinfection services for the hygiene of ships, yachts, sloops and vessels of any size.

 Quick, efficient and high-quality service at your disposal by our fully qualified professionals, any time required.


We Offer


Reduced / Low Prices (Special Prices for Orders over 1000lt)

All Credit Cards Accepted

Delivery Service; Sundays & Holidays

Quantity Guarantee

Quality Checks

Respect for the Environment


We provide our services to all marinas in the Attica region!


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